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Understanding Bipolar Disorder Better

Depression is a major issue faced a number of individuals every year. When it comes to depression, there are different types of signs and symptoms that prove a person to be in a depressed state and on the basis of the symptoms only, we are able to judge the type of depression that a person is actually going through. Through the means of this blog, we will be understanding the concepts behind a bipolar depression. The next section of the blog is dedicated entirely towards the different types of bipolar disorders.

Types of Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar depression is also sometimes regarded as the manic-depressive illness. It is the type of mental illness that causes unusual shifts in mood or energy, activity levels and much more. Bipolar disorder is divided into four main types and they are: -

Bipolar 1 Disorder

This type of bipolar disorder is generally characterised by regular maniac episodes of at least 7 days or maniac symptoms in the person so severe that immediate medical help in required. Also, the depressive episodes that occur within this type of disorder is quite long and approximately for 2 weeks. It is a possibility that both depressive as well as manic episodes occur simultaneously.

Bipolar 2 disorder

This is a bit less severe than the bipolar 1 type of disorder. Here, there is a defined pattern of depressive and hypomania episodes. Unlike Bipolar 1 type of disorder, the manic episodes aren’t very severe or fully blown out.


Cyclothymia is a state which is characterised by innumerable continuous depressive as well as hypomanic symptoms that last for a minimum of 2 years.

Other specified or unspecified disorders

People suffering from this type of bipolar disorders generally have symptoms that are not defined in either of the two above mentioned type of disorders.

Signs & Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be characterized in different individuals on the basis of the following signs and symptoms: -

It is quite common to observe a feeling of excessive happiness and excessive sadness in individuals suffering from bipolar disorder.
People also feel excessively jumpy, giddy or or weird for yourself

Getting irritated, agitated or touch at times is yet another symptom of the same

Taking Impulsive decisions like extravagant shopping or reckless sex

People suffering from this condition often face irregular sleeping patterns like excessive sleep or insomnia

A major symptom of the same is the episodes of manic and depression modes within individuals

Depression modes include, hopelessness, excessive sadness, suicidal thoughts.

People suffering from bipolar disorder often get addicted to drug and alcohol as well and they often find it extremely difficult to get away from this addiction of harmful things.

Bipolar disorder is one of the most majorly affecting types of depression, affecting a fairly large population of the world. A major problem with mental illness is that very few people are actually aware that they are suffering from such mental problems. This blog is written from the same intention to make people aware of the increasing rate of bipolar disorder and also about the available online help bipolar depression help. By understanding the condition, it gets easier to get help about the same.

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