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How to Get Runescape Money Through Updates

A simple method used by keen merchants to make easy Runescape GP these days is to predict updates and the materials that will be associated with the update Jade Scape Price. This method has been made a hell of a lot easier with the inclusion of Behind the Scenes (A new innovative by Jagex to give the player more of an insight to future content).

What will you need to be successful with this method?

* To be successful with any merch you will need money and the number one rule is RISK. You must be aware that all merchant opportunities have a risk. Things can change in an instant due to internal/external factors

* Have access to Behind the Scenes Monthly update.. and be able to comprehend simple terms into merchant opportunities

Understanding and Interpreting Behind the Scenes Information:

When Jagex states an incoming update I like to put it in one of two categories. Either Community Based Update (CBU) or Economical Based Update (EBU). This is how I go about categorizing updates I analyze the updates and the effect its going to have on the community then way up the points accordingly.

Case Study 1: RuneScape High Detail release Jagex in a behind the scenes update told us about the incoming graphic overhaul of the game. From this simple information we need to determine is this going to effect the economy or community more. My answer would be a CBU my reasoning for this is. The graphics wont be adding or taking away anything from the economy as well as no crucial demand or lack of supply for goods. The bolded is the basic rule of thumb for analyzing updates. Some people will argue that the economy will still be effected by an update like this.. Of course all updates will always effect the community and economy its just judging which one is more apparent.

Case Study 2: RuneScape Clan Wars release Jagex in a behind the scenes update told us about the new and revamped free for all clan wars. From this statement we can play on a simple human factor. The want to be the best.. As humans we are programmed to be winners. Therefore to be the last man standing in the new clan wars you are going to need survival materials. So food and pots are your best bet in this situation. The key is buying the goods as soon as you think you understand the update and also the risks involved. Example on the 3rd of July Behind the scenes came out establishing the intent for new clan wars changes. Then we establish the would be an EBU update as there is definite potential for demand/supply of items to change. So if I bought 5k sharks 20 days before the update then when the update comes in sell them for max or even weight for the demand to rise so Jagex rise the mean price to meet the demand making you even more profit.


All updates can make you money you just need to identify the opportunities in every behind the scenes and buy in advanced. Remember the peak of users trying the new update ie clan wars will be 72 hours then the hype will die down. So use 72 hours as your selling period.

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